A Reform UK Candidate In West Lancashire

Nigel Leith Wilson is a Reform UK Candidate in Aughton And Downholland. The only one in the borough, apparently. So far we’ve received no Reform party literature while others have littered the area. So what is the attraction?

Reform UK states “To succeed, we must become a low tax, smartly regulated, high growth economy. Faster growth is the only way to better wages and more tax revenues to invest in better healthcare and other public services. Our bold economic vision frees up over 6 million people from paying income tax and over 1.2 million small businesses/self employed from paying corporation tax. We would also remove a raft of stifling taxes. This will generate much faster growth”.

Makes sense. Imagine how the local economy would grow if thousands of locals, pensioners, low paid, were freed from tax. The spending power and the growth for local businesses could be immense. Better local public services? Bring it on!

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