An Important Plea For Planning Help

A WLBC “secretive” flooding group doesn’t keep minutes. Does that shock you?

Gavin Rattray tells us “Because of concerns about WLBC’s recent formation of a secretive flooding group, we have requested help from the national flood forum (National Flood Forum|Facebook) as follows:

“Our local authority is West Lancashire Borough Council, who are the local planning authority (LPA). They are very hostile to Burscough Flooding Group because we try and protect residents from development driven flooding on a hydraulically inadequate drainage network, which is a problem going back at least 20 years.

“WLBC don’t acknowledge the true causes or extent of the problems here but have recently formed their own flooding group made up of Borough Councillors and Council Officers. They meet in secret without minutes. Does anyone have experience of this scenario, because it is not logical for WLBC to create a ‘real’ flooding group to stop flooding, whilst they are blocking, ignoring and undermining the efforts of BFG (Burscough’s Flood Action Group) and Burscough Town Council to prevent flooding and inform WLBC about flooding.

“Burscough’s previous FLAG folded after approximately two years because they couldn’t make any headway with the authorities; whereas we have lasted five years so far. I’m looking for some help and advice please.

“If there are any residents with expertise in Planning, willing to share their knowledge with BFG to help flood victims, please get in touch”.

1 thought on “An Important Plea For Planning Help

  1. Neil Campbell

    Dear Gavin,
    Fear not as all the Borough and County Council candidates have “pledged” in their election leaflets that they will sort the flood issues that affect many of us in West Lancashire.
    So on the 7th of May, do contact your successful candidate and request they start to fulfil their promise to the electorate and we look forward in watching them at the next County Council cabinet meeting on the 27th May and WLBC cabinet meeting on the 8th June to begin the eradication of all flooding in our areas without fear or intimidation from their party whips!
    Failing to do so, we should hold these people to account and demand their resignations with immediate effect as they have deliberately lied and misled us all.
    Independent candidates who don’t have to tow the party line and have detailed knowledge and know far too well the devastation that surface and ground water flooding creates, are more than happy to hold every authority and body to account and demand the required investment and maintenance works to reduce flooding now!
    I for one will be ensuring that the councils Drainage Engineer will be earning his wage and be forcing the Planning Department to change their direction from a pro developer to a pro-environmental department.
    It’s time for our councils to be completely open and transparent as per the Nolan principles with no secretive committees permitted.


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