WLBC Wellbeing And Leisure Public Statement

The Corporate Director of Place and Community Heidi McDougall, who leads on Growth and Development Services, Wellbeing and Leisure Services, Environmental Services and Housing and Regulatory Services, has made a public statement.

“Burscough Fitness and Racquets Centre, Nye Bevan Pool and Park Pool are now open for people to swim in lanes, enjoy family swimming sessions and junior lessons in swimming and gymnastics. Steps have been taken to ensure these facilities are COVID-secure and in accordance with government guidelines, there will be no group exercise classes or mixing between households”. As usual there is no mention of playing golf at the Beacon Park Golf Course, a case of “out of sight, out of mind”?

Heidi added “Many of us will also be looking forward to going swimming again and getting back to the gym as exercise is so important for our physical and mental health. So let’s make sure we all stick to the rules and stay safe. Unlocking each step on the roadmap depends on it”.

But golfers have been seeking answers. Some quotes off the West Lancashire Community Leisure website with its claim that “Our 18 hole course is perfect for any golfer!”

John Carroll “How is the muck moving going on and when will the 1st tee be back in play?”

Stephen P Harrison “Like the other person asked – Basically how is the course looking now? When will we have 18 proper holes back? Is the bottom end still water logged? When are you actually open (i know u can be from today)?  And ??? any answer to my question on this thread? I don’t want to book rounds yet if i don’t know the course condition”.

“HI Stephen, The 1st green is due to be finished in the next few months which will conclude the works and return the 1st into play at the end of this year (subject to weather) At this point we will remeasure the course and the temporary 17th will cease”.

“I actually had a round this week. The v dry weather has helped reduce any boggy issues atm, but i guess isn’t resolved. The 1st hole i still have no idea if/when it will return? The temp 17th is still horrible, though the green is better than last year. I do enjoy playing at Beacon, but the works on the course don’t seem to be progressive much, and are having a negative impact on the course. I don’t seem to be able to get an answer to that? FYI, i was playing golf on this course from soon after it originally opened”.

“Hi Stephen, The current status of the course is reasonably good, indeed we have had a lot of positive feedback about the course. This year we have taken on a new head greenkeeper and greenkeeper in order to improve standards. The course is public land, with a number of public footpaths on it so it has always been the case that members of the public are able to walk certain areas of the course. Jan, Beacon Park Golf Club”.

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