You Really Couldn’t Make It Up?

The Liverpool Echo reports on a planning decision made after an hour-long debate at Sefton Council last week has turned out to be invalid thanks to a paperwork error.

Several councillors expressed frustration during a planning meeting last Wednesday (April 14) where they were left with little option but to accept a significantly reduced contribution towards affordable housing from the developers behind a new care home on the site of the former Mayflower Industrial Estate in Formby.

The developers had claimed the project, which is nearly complete, would not be financially viable if they were forced to include the 10 affordable homes that had originally been promised and instead offered £266,000 towards affordable housing elsewhere in Sefton.

But confusion over who the developers actually are means that last week’s decision is no longer valid and the proposal has to be consulted on and debated again at a later date.

The application to reduce the contribution was made in the name of Ascot Property Group as a result of a mistake by the applicant’s agent. Ascot has had no involvement in the site since selling its interest in 2017.

At a planning committee meeting Cllr Bob McCann said “What we are being asked to do is to effectively write off £1.2m and by doing so I think this application has crossed the line”.

The Sefton Council Website declares “Planning & Building Control – Main Functions • Technical Support: • Validation of Planning Applications”.

“Serve Enforcement Notices when required” but not against Sefton Council!Can’t imagine what salary the Chief Planning Officer receives?

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