How Desperate Is The Local Tory Party To Destroy Independents?

Today we bring you the face of the West Lancashire Tory party as it seeks to damage the independent opposition to it. It’s contained in a Facebook poster, below.

And the party then states “Covid-19 has had a huge impact on Ormskirk Town Centre Rebuilding it needs major collaboration between Government, County and the Borough Councils pulling together. For the sake of Ormskirk, please don’t lose that opportunity by wasting your vote on a fringe protest party”.

No surprise to read comments published and we offer a few below.

“SCUM of the earth Tories picking on independent parties at local elections a bloody disgrace I’m Labour through and through but come on. We all have one thing in common we want the best for our local communities apart from Tory voters”.

“Voting for anybody else ain’t going to rescue OTC from the present crisis. The Tories do sod all locally and that goes for Labour as well. At least OWL cares about what goes on locally”.

“The Conservatives are a pile of egotistical idiots who don’t care one jot for anyone other than themselves and their rich mates. I never have and never will vote Conservative”.

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