Misleading The Public During An Election Period Isn’t On!

When reading about experienced politicians, regardless of party, apparently misleading the public during an election period, is annoying, to put it mildly.

But there’s a lot of it going on. The political “relationship”, if that’s the right word, which indicates that WLBC cares because it engages with residents, voters, when it hasn’t, and doesn’t, is reprehensible.

And shifting blame for flooding away from WLBC and United Utilities won’t help a single flood victim. Instead it will make their misery worse. When found out, writing “We would be happy to make the position clearer in future literature” doesn’t really cut it.

If WLBC’s group is to have any success, it should be separate from any partners and be open, honest and accountable to the community. So the question is “As this group doesn’t propose to challenge WLBC’s past and present mistakes, is it just there to blame all the other partners and filter the outputs from the Flood Action Groups?”

The historical “Appeal Reference: EA/2018/0219, 9th May 2019)” tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” about WLBC. Readers of it will relish Paragraph 32 and its generous references to West Lancashire Record. We can always rely on the Judiciary to conclude that reading the West Lancashire Record is good for West Lancastrians.

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