James Upjohn For Ashurst?

The Independent Candidate for Ashurst wants to be a councillor to tackle problems nobody else bothers about. As usual, probably as in every ward in this Borough, flooding is featured. The culprits are named. And it’s worth remembering the ward has been minus one councillor who chose not to attend and represent the public.

One phrase from James Upjohn tells you why Ashurst needs him. He wants to be “A Councillor with a passion for transforming Ashurst from decent to AMAZING”. 

His mandate?

1) Introduction of mobile CCTV to deter nuisance off road bikes, fly-tippers & litter louts.

2) Better education in schools around litter to encourage a generational change in Skelmersdale.

3) Continue to Lobby United Utilities, LCC and WLBC to find a solution to our flooded Subways.

4) Lobby for change to the bulky waste collection service policies to allow provisions for those that are not in a position to use the service effectively.

5) Continue to Lobby LLC to provide more grit bins.

6) Establish an events committee at WLBC to discuss introducing some annual town events.

7) Introduce more litter bins, especially at our litter hotspots, like bridges. Also add anti-litter signs across the ward in highly littered areas.

8) Work to create a more business friendly council that encourages business growth so that we can benefit from increased business rate receipts.

9) Continue to monitor and report the potholes all over Ashurst and Lobby LCC to fix them.

10) Continue to fight for our green spaces and cloughs to be given the proper recognition and routine maintenance that they deserve.

11) Create schemes to give volunteers the proper recognition they deserve.

12) Encourage local schools to make better use of our outdoor spaces and look at setting up and supporting outdoor classrooms in our Cloughs and heritage sites.

13) Encourage better use of social media use to keep residents informed.

14) Re-establish monthly surgeries to encourage residents to speak up and have their voices heard.

15) Work to fix local issues from within our existing councils to make sure we already receive adequate services for all the services we are currently paying for.

16) Look to increase our clean & green team numbers to be more in line with neighbouring councils.

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