The Halsall Election Saga, Continued

It should be noted and understood that all Tory electioneering material is “Promoted by David Westley, on behalf of” named Tory candidates all at 72c New Court Way, Ormskirk.

Westley promoted the unfortunate “Election news for Halsall” with its poor grammar. Teacher didn’t have her promoted homework checked?

The Independent candidate for Halsall, Neil Campbell, wrote in WLR comments about “Not only poor spelling but some rather misleading information, investment in drainage and roads is a County Council matter to which is David O’Toole’s responsibility!

“As yet, County Cllr O’Toole (who is also seeking election) has failed to respond to Halsall Parish Council in regards to the disappearance of capital investment funding for the upgrading the failed surface water drainage system promised a year ago for New Cut Lane! A lane that our tory candidate Denise Hirrell happens to reside on!

“If the conservative candidate doesn’t know of the serious local issues on the road she actually lives on, God help the rest of Halsall if she does get elected! If Denise was that bothered about local problems and issues such as Moss Rd, Segars Lane, Carr Moss Lane (the list is endless), why hasn’t Denise Hirrell taken up one of the vacancies and volunteered her services on the Parish Council?

“Then she may learn something about Halsall otherwise a vote for the conservative candidate is a wasted vote in Halsall, a bit like our previous conservative Borough Councillor who was not only ousted, but a street party was arranged celebrating her timely departure”.

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