Labour Replies To “Labour Called Out In Burscough For Misleading Statement”

Gareth Dowling


“The text of the leaflet story is copied below, for everyone’s information. The flooding and drainage cabinet working group was set up to work with partner agencies and local flood groups to try resolve some of the issues we have in West Lancashire. Its terms of reference (copied below) are wide-ranging (specifically part b), to ensure it works with any body which can help, including local flood groups. 

The Chair, Cllr Adam Yates, has confirmed to me that Burscough Flooding Group are scheduled to be invited to a meeting of the committee. Officers will be in touch with this invitation and full details. You may wish to contact the borough engineer if you have any specific queries about the committee –

“We would be happy to make the position clearer in future literature”. 

To which Gavin Rattray


“Your email doesn’t deal with the issue I raised which were the inaccuracies within the Working Hard for West Lancashire Leaflet scanned below. It is the May 6th election one with pictures and contact details of each of you.

Have you stopped circulating the leaflet? Have you published and circulated a retraction?

Yours faithfully

Gavin Rattray – Secretary Burscough Flooding Group (Burscough’s FLAG)

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