An Ode To Cllr O’Toole

On reading the “Dear Resident” letter of David O’Toole, a leading, senior, Conservative with all his posts and pomp, including something like five important roles, wanting to be re-elected next month, I was reminded of our article “Cllr O’Toole No Show In Halsall” in April 2019.

“Cllr O’Toole received, from LCC 2017/18, £10,466 basic + £6,865 Special Responsibility Allowance +£150 ICT Allowance + £143 Subsistance + £2,535 Mileage, all = £20,159. For 2018/19 the basic has been increased to £10,675. Source LCC.

“Cllr O’Toole received, from Lancashire Combined Fire Authority for 2017/18, basic £2,612.93 + Special Responsibity £4,962.87 + Travel& Subsistence £304.65, Total = £7,880.84. For 2018/19, O’Toole basic £2,784.96 + Special Responsibility £5,289.60 + Travel & subsistence £785.25 Total = £8,859.81 He is “Majority Opposition Group Spokesperson”! Almost £1,000 increase year on year! Source LCFA.

“Cllr O’Toole received, from WLBC for which he claimed £4,842 + £107.96 Travel & Subsistence = £4,949. 96. Source WLBC. =Total Income £33,968.77, a living example of why the number of elected members should be cut from whatever the authority council tax payers are increasingly funding, many from lower incomes”. 

The same is true in 2021. Council tax rises higher than pensions.

Hence we quote the short but well known stanza [forgetting the Virgins] by Robert Herrick, as an ode to Cllr O’Toole.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.

1 thought on “An Ode To Cllr O’Toole

  1. Neil Campbell

    It’s funny when you read statements of intent such as we see here when Mr O’Toole states that his priorities are “campaigning for investment in drainage schemes” yet it’s over 2 weeks now since Halsall Parish Council contacted Mr O’Toole in regards to where is our much promised capital investment funding for New Cut Lane Halsall road drainage programme.
    The Parish Council has received complete silence on the matter, just shows you that some councillors don’t know when their sell by date has expired but are still happy to treat the electorate as fools!
    Mr O’Tooles leaflet says he is delighted to be the conservative county council candidate for Aughton, Downholland and Great Altcar, is he now stating that he no longer wishes to represent Halsall as part of his division?
    Many of us in Halsall have suspected this for some years now, so this pledge is could be one that has for once, an element of truth.
    It’s about time some of these old time councillors who are riding on the expenses “gravy train” to actually do what they pledge or can we suggest they get off at the next station.


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