Tory Ex-Teacher For Halsall Fails Spelling In Election Leaflet

How can the Westley-led West Lancashire Conservative Party allow sloppy and inaccurate information to be published and circulated to the Halsall electorate?

Blue Tory supporters in Halsall will be pink with embarrassment when they see the election material asking for votes for Denise Hirrell. An “english” teacher, she wants the support of “reisdents”. We think she may not achieve full marks?

3 thoughts on “Tory Ex-Teacher For Halsall Fails Spelling In Election Leaflet

  1. Neil Campbell

    Not only poor spelling but some rather misleading information, investment in drainage and roads is a County Council matter to which is David O’Toole’s responsibility!
    As yet, County Cllr O’Toole (who is also seeking election) has failed to respond to Halsall Parish Council in regards to the disappearance of capital investment funding for the upgrading the failed surface water drainage system promised a year ago for New Cut Lane! A lane that our tory candidate Denise Hirrell happens to reside on!
    If the conservative candidate doesn’t know of the serious local issues on the road she actually lives on, god help the rest of Halsall if she does get elected!
    If Denise was that bothered about local problems and issues such as Moss Rd, Segars Lane, Carr Moss Lane (the list is endless), why hasn’t Denise Hirrell taken up one of the vacancies and volunteered her services on the Parish Council? Then she may learn something about Halsall otherwise a vote for the conservative candidate is a wasted vote in Halsall, a bit like our previous conservative Borough Councillor who was not only ousted, but a street party was arranged celebrating her timely departure.

  2. David Westley

    It is Neil Campbell who is displaying his ignorance on drainage.
    While LCC is responsible for highway drainage, it is WLBC that will decide on whether to set up an Internal Drainage Board to take on responsibility for land drainage and the much talked about pumps.
    It is also WLBC who administer the receipts from the Community Infrastructure Levy and can decide to spend substantial money on drainage and highways. This would be a means of taking forward projects in partnership with LCC or United Utilities by providing match funding for investment on our roads, flood prevention and improved drainage.
    Neil Campbell and other independents can never deliver such important changes as they invariably concentrate on personal attacks or petty politicking.

    1. Neil Campbell

      It’s quite ironic that David Westley mentions an IDB now rather than when he as leader of a conservative run WLBC as you and your party couldn’t be bothered to attend any of the intermediate drainage forum groups run by the NFU – not one! This is typical of petty party politics being conducted whilst nothing ever gets achieved.
      It’s been 7 years since the Environment Agency announced it was relieving itself from the responsibility of water pumping duties for the Alt Crossens catchment area and in that time the conservative and labour run council has failed West Lancashire and done diddly squat!
      As for your inferior thoughts on independents rather than the old fashion party system, its independents who work bloody hard for their residents instead of following the colour of their rosette!
      Interesting to note that you failed to tackle me on my other comments raised, well i suppose that’s a bit hard to defend really.


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