Labour Called Out In Burscough For Misleading Statement

“Dear Burscough West Labour Team

“The “Working Hard for Burscough West” leaflet distributed this week contains the following misleading statement. “the flooding and drainage group which is working with local flood groups to hold agencies such as the EA and United Utilities to account for their responsibilities.”

“No Labour borough councillors work with Burscough Flood Group, instead the Labour group excludes our flooding data from planning deliberations and allows flooding and drainage conditions on planning applications to be approved in secret by UU and LCC; rather than by the planning committee in public.

“No one from BFG would attend a flooding and drainage group meeting alone, because WLBC is extremely hostile to BFG. WLBC falsely claimed BFG were not a proper flooding group in order not to prevent us publicly challenging the flood risk management authorities and it fabricated evidence about people and flooding to deny myself and MP Rosie Cooper our freedom of information rights to access flooding information (Appeal Reference: EA/2018/0219, 9th May 2019).

“I therefore ask that you stop distributing the leaflet and circulate a suitable correction.

“Yours faithfully

Gavin Rattray – Secretary Burscough Flooding Group (Burscough’s FLAG)

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