Sunday Satire In The Season Of Broken Political Promises

We are in the season of make believe, milk and honey, jam tomorrow, promises.  Mostly dishonest promises delivered on huge glossy, costly but quickly shreddable manifesto reminders of “What we’ve [LCC] delivered together since 2017” and “How your vote can help deliver an even better [WLBC] area”.  

Which is odd, because only around 3 in 10 people bother to vote in these farcical elections. Others form their own non-political action groups. The Burscough Residents Flooding Group is one, hugely admired for its honesty and its indisputable evidence for why it exists and why it features so often in this blog. The pictures featured are evidence of why BRFG needs to be so active.

BFG Is A Non-Political Flood Action Group (FLAG) and they write “We have some concerns over the inaccuracies in local flooding information being provided in social media and on leaflets.

“1) Very heavy rainfall caused flooding at Crabtree Lane Crossing last July. Similarly heavy rainfall at the start of this year didn’t cause flooding at Crabtree Lane Crossing nor did it require a pump to be run for the first time since 2016, because of new storm drains installed by a collaboration of the Wilson’s, Burscough Town Council and BFG.

“2) The reported plan to spend £50,000 on a survey to solve the flooding problem at Crabtree Lane Crossing would be a waste of money because it no longer has a flooding problem. Instead, it seems very likely the survey is actually to find how housing developments and drainage system neglect has contributed to the volume of floodwater pilling up against the railway embankment causing two collapses of the embankment.

“Either of which could have caused a derailment.

“3) Poor gulley clearing by Lancashire County Council isn’t causing or significantly contributing to Burscough’s widespread flooding problems, because most of our floods are due to development on inadequate drainage since at least 2000. In heavy or sustained rainfall the drains surcharge and water/sewage comes out of the grids because the pipes are full. United Utilities engineers began warning WLBC about this problem approximately 13 years ago and they said it could cost around £20 million to install an adequately sized drainage network and sewage works for Burscough. UU also told West Lancashire Borough Council, in several meetings, not to allow large scale development in Burscough until the money to resolve the flooding problem had been found first. WLBC didn’t!

“4) Both Burscough’s sewage and surface water drainage systems are prone to surcharging frequently indicating exactly as UU engineers wrote to WLBC that they are both operating at above their capacity. Every development with or without SUDs adds to the volumes of flow into both systems and increases the frequency and/or severity of the flooding from each of the systems.

“We hope this helps”.

It does help. By continuously exposing the inadequate drainage and the unwillingness of politicians and their officers to remedy it there will be a need of FLAGs. Large scale developments have these people drooling with anticipation of CIL and council tax. That’s the picture of rotten councils we suffer from.



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