More Election News For Aughton & Downholland

Wonderful news as the likely winner of the “blue” Aughton & Downholland, Tory Paul Turpin, tells us our precious greenbelt has their pledge of protection. Hmm, heard that one before.

But the pledge has a sting in the tail. It’s “They will never permit it to be used for new housing and business developments to meet Merseyside’s need”.

So his call to “Help us protect our greenbelt like land off Prescott Road” is, apparently, open to any and all other developers outside of that pledge. Worthless!

As we’ve written before “Developers know the attitude of the WLBC planning mind, to build, build, build. Hence the proposals from Barratt David Wilson with their professional website. Build all over an agricultural site in Aughton. Never mind the highest agricultural class of land, just build on it, for the CIL. And developer profits, some of which not surprisingly often find their way into the Tory party coffers as donations.

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