Election News For Aughton & Downholland

From The Bullshitters’ Bulletin

Aughton & Downholland discovers it is to lose one Haskayneian, thankfully, to gain another. We all hope lightning doesn’t strike twice as the Tory Candidate for Aughton & Downholland reveals he lives in Haskayne.

A “self employed builder”, Paul Turpin must know building houses costs upfront capital that’s repaid on sale or rent of the houses. So his remarks about “Labour set to bankrupt the Borough Council” might yet rebound on him when the Tawd Valley Developments estates are completed. As for time and money running out, that’s childish nonsense. Has the WLBC External Auditor suggested it? Bullshit?

It’s just a thought, but an anagram of Turpin is “turnip” and we’ve had a few of those elected into office in Aughton & Downholland on a fairly regular basis.

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