Thanks To The Taxpayers Alliance

For its Town Hall Rich List 2021, that shows 2,802 staff received more than £100,000 despite deeply unpopular council tax rises. With families now facing higher council tax bills, new polling shows the overwhelming majority oppose increases by a 4-to-1 margin. 6 in 10 say councils should freeze or cut top salaries to help keep bills down. 

The TaxPayers’ Alliance provides a council-by-council breakdown, calling on all local authorities to stop council tax rises and cut down on wasteful spending.

At the onset of the coronavirus crisis, the number of council staff receiving more than £100,000 had increased by 135 to at least 2,802 people, with 693 receiving over £150,000 (26 more than the previous year). While councils were plunged into tackling the pandemic, households have faced crushing council tax rises, leading taxpayers to question whether their council’s leadership have delivered good value for money. 

New public opinion data released alongside Town Hall Rich List 2021 finds the overwhelming majority of people oppose council tax increases by a 4-to-1 margin, with working class voters considerably more opposed. The recent polling found widespread agreement that there were ways to help keep council tax down, including 59 per cent of respondents believing that councils should freeze or cut salaries of senior staff. 

For the third year running, the local authority with the greatest number of employees whose remuneration was in excess of £100,000 was Essex county council with 40 employees, five more than the previous year. 

For the second year running,Glasgow had the highest number of employees receiving over £150,000 at 14, two more than the previous year.

The highest remunerated council employee in 2019-20 was the deputy chief executive at Coventry council, receiving £573,660 in total remuneration. This included the hated loss of office payment of £395,110 (the largest in the country), pension payment of £26,559, and salary of £151,991.

The local authority to pay out the highest amount in terms of bonuses and performance related pay to a senior employee was Edinburgh city council, with the general manager of Edinburgh Trams receiving a £48,895 bonus.

Total expenses paid to senior employees in the UK amounted to £1,274,497, with the highest amount (£38,043) being claimed by Simon Baker, the now former chief executive of High Peak borough council.

A total of 21 local authority employees received a loss of office payment of more than £95,000, the cap on payoffs for public sector employees. This cap was briefly in force between 4 November 2020 and 12 February 2021 and did not cover the period of this year’s Town Hall Rich List. It has since been revoked. By union pressure!

Value for money? What you’ve read is an insult to taxpayers. The greed is unbelievable. WLBC claims to be the biggest employer in West Lancashire. The council tax bill is commensurate with the 600 we pay for. Derby Street needs an overhaul to rid itself, and us, of its excesses.

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