The Councillor You Need?

We’ve all seen them, the gullies, grids, footpaths, all full of rubbish. If we see it, our local councillors see it, or perhaps not? Because we never see a councillor! Either way, the rubbish is there.

But not in parts of Skelmersdale. Ashurst, Birch Green, Westheads  Clough. Because of James Upjohn, a wannabe independent.

Who writes “The system works well when used correctly. This path behind Parklands hadn’t been swept in a LONG time.

“I took pictures and reported it to my councillor and asked them to enquire about sending a mechanical sweeper down it. A few days later and it looks great.

“I reported it, Yvonne escalated it, Clean & Green sorted it. Simple but effective system. If you notice issues in your area, contact your councillor directly and ask them to sort it for you.

If they don’t get back to you, come on here and have a whinge about them. If they do sort it, come on here and give them thanks. Cheers Yvonne Gagen and Clean & Green”.

And how about the stone bridge at Findon Way?

“We had an absolutely fantastic pick over at the stone bridge at the back of Findon Way, Birch Green.

“Thank you so much to Andrew Traynor for doing one side yesterday. He needed some help with this side today so Dave Beeston & I went along to give a hand.

There was so much litter on this bridge that 35 bags were filled over the two days.

“There’s definitely a need for a new litter bin to be installed in this location. Thank you so much to Dave BeestonAndrew TraynorSue GregsonVictoria Sticks McHugh, and my son Lewis (13) for coming out and helping with the litter pick of Westheads Clough. It was brilliant to be back out again”.

Independents are good for us. James Upjohn proves it.

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