West Lancashire Borough Council Pay-Outs

How does “voluntary redundancy” lead to massive “loss of office” payments from council tax?

 Non-contractual payments? This element includes anything your employer pays above what’s included in your contract of employment. It’s sometimes called ‘compensation for loss of office’, ‘in recognition of services rendered’ or ‘in recognition of past loyalty”.

Former WLBC chief executive Kim Webber, who took “voluntary redundancy (VR)” in November 2019, took home £70,302, plus £114,634 for “loss of office”, and £223,807 in pension contributions.

John Harrison, Director of Development and Regeneration, also took VR in November 2019. He earned £49,176 plus £92,429 for “loss of office” and £70,174 in pension contributions.

Terry Broderick, Borough Solicitor, also took VR at the same time. He took home £39,820 plus £65,489 in compensation for “loss of office”. A further £181,592 was given in pension contributions.

An undisclosed “role” at the council took home £112,500. How can such a massive individual payment stay secret? Who was it?

We, council tax payers, keep on being hit with “crushing” council tax rises.

Now, as a national newspaper and the TaxPayers’ Alliance have revealed, “In the financial year 2019-20, the number of local government officials earning above £100,000 rose to more than 2,800. This was an increase of 5 per cent over the previous year. Essex alone boasted 40 council officials earning more than £100,000. It is not as though local government is renowned for its efficiency and competence.

“If you want to be rich in modern Britain without having to work too hard, don’t think of starting your own business. Join the administrative class.

“It is our new aristocracy. Loving parents, of children who need not be massively bright, have only to point to the local council offices to show their offspring the path to easy riches”.

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