WLBC Older People’s Champion?

You really couldn’t make this up as WLBC tells us “Whatever the issue under discussion, we want to make sure that the needs, wishes and preferences of older people are fully taken into account. To achieve this and ensure that older people are at the heart of our council’s activity, we have a dedicated older peoples’ champion”.

But, wait for it!

Unfortunately our previous Older People’s champion has recently stepped down as a Councillor”. [So we don’t have a dedicated Older People’s Champion, that was a fib!]

“We are currently in the process of appointing a new one, until then any queries can be directed to the Customer Services department, where they will transfer you to the appropriate team.

The Older People’s Champion will apparently:

“Assist the Leader and the relevant Portfolio Holder by advising on service issues which support and encourage active, independent and healthy lives for older people and to raise the profile of older people and their needs in the development of policy across all areas of the Council. Acting as a Spokesperson to promote the positive aspects of the Council’s work with Older People.

“Encourage Older People to play a fuller role in shaping the policies of the Council and in designing its service. Work to promote positive images of Older People as citizens, and to combat stereotyping and age discrimination.

“Forge and maintaining links locally with Older People’s Networks. If you would like to invite the Older People’s Champion to an event, please contact the member services department”. A cardboard cut-out will be provided

We recall dear old Councillor May Blake

of Parbold, being the West Lancashire Borough Council Older Peoples’ Champion from whom we had the mind blowing logic on taxes that “It is not funded by the taxpayer other than all taxes are drawn ultimately from taxpayers”…one for posterity? As it is!

NB Last Updated | Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

No urgency then? We aren’t at the heart of our council’s activity”, Hardly a surprise?

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