How Disappointed Are You So Far With The Political Run-up To The May Elections?

West Lancashire Labour produced a political banner of “Done and Doing” for its Facebook.

Seems OK, until you look closely? There isn’t a “Not Done” or “Not Doing”. Not for the elderly golfers who used to rely on the municipal golf course for the pleasure of being in an association of like minded people. Not for them the private golf clubs frequented by some Tory councillors, away from the “riff-raff”.

So the Tory council/Serco started to ruin it and the Labour council/Serco finished it off. Like brothers-in-arms. Done deal. Who wants a municipal golf course? It costs money. So do swimming pools, gyms, and all leisure facilities, all for mainly younger clients. But discrimination against older people? Just do it and ignore the flak! This, below, is the state of the old driving range, Serco style, on 6th April 2021. Is this West Lancashire Labour leisure provision?

The council bean-counters gave up on municipal golf years ago. Tory Cllr Westley/Leisure Officer John Nelson put it in minutes to the council years ago . “Relevant Portfolio Holder: Councillor D.A. Westley” and the “Contact for further Information: John Nelson” LEISURE CONTRACT – URGENT DECISION in COUNCIL: 20th October 2004”.

That’s no reason for 2021 to continue and for so called caring Labour to come up with this “Done and Doing” crap. Is it? And, West Lancashire Labour, who votes? Elderly people vote! Treat them with this disdain at your peril!

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