Planning Victory For Halsall

The planning application appeal for the No 52A New Cut Lane site has been upheld by the planning inspectorate. Reading the report demonstrates that privacy and amenity issues as part of policy No GN3 of the Local Plan was the main reason to refuse planning.

The comments made by the inspector strongly suggests that “IF” the No78 site was refused permission and came to appeal, it would of easily failed on exactly the same reason and parameters.

Halsall Parish Council submitted a strong rebuttal highlighting concerns of privacy and amenity and mentioned WLBC policy GN3 numerous times to the WLBC planning department during the planning process on all the New Cut Lane applications, however we and local residents concerns were completely ignored.

Questions must be asked on why the No 78 site was fast tracked to the planning committee before the planning inspectors report on the No 52A site was published and the actual validity of the planning decisions made by WLBC regarding the No 72 and 78 sites?

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