“Best Value” In West Lancashire Not For Publication?

Liverpool City Council is under investigation for breach of “Best Value”. So should be West Lancashire Borough Council. As long ago as 2003/04 “Best Value” was a WLBC key role.

“Best Value and Performance Management. A key role identified by the ODPM, for Overview and Scrutiny, is their involvement in Best Value and Performance Management. During 2003/04 Members have been involved in: · Best Value Review – Looking After the Environment – Stage 2 · Best Value Review of Services for Elderly People – Stage 2 Report (This item was then the subject of a Commission which was set up later in the year.) · Best Value Review of Administration Etc.- Stage 2 · Best Value Review Procurement – Stage 2 (The Procurement Best Value Team was established to consider this topic in more detail.) · Best Value Review Programme (Overview & Scrutiny Committee dealt with these items prior to Sept 03 but they have been listed here.) The following Member Best Value Team was established in 2003/04 as detailed.

“The Council conducted a Best Value Review of Procurement through this team which was chaired by Councillor Bailey and comprised of the relevant portfolio holder (Councillor Owens) plus two conservative and two labour Members. In this respect “procurement” embraces all the Council’s purchases, from the purchase of low value products such as pencils and pens to entering into contract with a separate organisation for the provision of a service such as grounds maintenance. The review is concentrating on major areas of spend together with an examination of the procurement process, with the objective of making it as pragmatic as possible.

“Sports Facility Management Commission. The Commission has met on many occasions. The commission has considered the future sports facility management options, which is now complete. It has also considered the procurement process to deliver a management partner, debated the broad issues contained in the tender specification and overseen the process to appoint a professional leisure partner to manage the Council’s sports centre in the future. Members went on a site visit to Chorley Community Leisure Services as they were in the process of re tendering their leisure contract. Members of the commission were also advised using an independent consultant. Work will continue to select a preferred partner and to finalise a contractual agreement for the future management of the sports facilities”.

As for the Tawd Valley Developments Limited (TVDL), the WLBC Company, specific measures were taken to deny information to the public and its funding and reporting.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ccf04042021_00002.jpg

How is that “Best Value”? Have you ever seen redacting like this WLBC document above? It’s reported TVDL has a loan of £20,000,000 from WLBC. Why the secrecy? “1 charge registered. 1 outstanding, 0 satisfied, 0 part satisfied. Charge code 1142 7947 0001 Satisfy charge1142 7947 0001 on the Companies House Web Filing service. Created 10 September 2019. Delivered 12 September 2019. Status Outstanding. Persons entitled West Lancashire Borough Council”

We should be told, or directed to all official council minutes if they exist, about the £20million? It’s called transparency!

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