Friends And Voters, Are You Aware It’s Nearly Payback Time?

Any time now you will be inundated by requests to vote for candidates for public office. For party politicians. They may have offended you. They may have ignored you. They may want huge housing developments on precious greenbelt land. They may have ignored potholes that damage your car. They will have ignored the effects of flooding in your home and your local school. They will have stood by while your, our, municipal golf course was plundered for landfill royalties by private companies they gave planning permission to. They allow Serco to run WLBC leisure services!

It’s all on record. Some of them may plead party policy, being whipped. You might think how arrogant it was for the Tory Party Co-Chairman Amanda Milling to state “You pick our leaders” and look who leads them in West Lancashire! You didn’t pick him! An unbelievable claim.

But you can pay them back. In May, try an independent candidate, and if there isn’t one you can write “None of the above” on the ballot paper.

The promises have started. Labour claims that “the Conservatives are looking the other way on violent crime. Their shameful record is failing victims. Under the Conservatives, criminals have never had it so good. They support @CliveGrunshaw1 & Lancashire Labour, who are campaigning for our Bobbies back in our communities, a new Victims’ Law & an end to cuts to preventative services”.

Clive Grunshaw claims “For the first time in a decade after utilising efficiencies in the police budget I was able to invest in new specialist Task Forces Officers, deployed into every community to focus on reducing and preventing crime and dealing with the issues that matter most to people. This year I’m building on this success with more Task Force Officers across Lancashire”.

He’s the man who begs every year for more tax and then gives much of it away to his “good causes”. Are they your good causes, or would you prefer to donate yourself?

These are people you can pay back. “None of the above”. There are many of them. In May, just do it?

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