Take Care of Lancashire This Easter

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service is asking you to be a “good egg” to prevent wildfires this Easter

With Easter half term upon us and lockdown restrictions easing allowing social gatherings outdoors, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) is preparing for the possibilities of wildfires. LFRS is keen to encourage people to be a “good egg” and act responsibly to keep themselves and the surrounding countryside safe.

How You Can Help

Popular activities like lighting a campfire, barbecuing and even leaving litter behind pose a serious threat to Lancashire moorland. Wildfires can occur in the countryside, on moorlands or forests due to carelessness, deliberate ignition or naturally. Global warming has presented a trend of warmer weather in March and April, causing the grass and vegetation to become tinder dry. LFRS fears that with lockdown restrictions easing, people will flock to Lancashire beauty spots with BBQs or the intent on lighting fires, creating wildfire hazards.

There are a number of things you can do to prevent wildfires that are as simple as ensuring that cigarettes are discarded properly and fully extinguished, don’t light BBQ’s or campfires, ensure you take any litter home with you as glass bottles can magnify in the sun and start a fire and lastly, educate young people about the dangers of lighting fires.

To Keep Us Safe You May See LFRS Drones In Action

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