Home Alone?

According to reports, Leeds City Council has spent almost £900,000 in the past year on equipping employees to work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a document has revealed.

An investigation is set to finish next year into ongoing work by the authority to sell off a number of its office buildings and instead to equip large parts of its workforce to work from home instead.

A document updating councillors on the authority’s “agile working” and “estate rationalisation” work is set to go before members of the council’s Strategy and Resources Scrutiny Committee next week.

It claims most staff surveyed are happy with the support they are receiving from the authority, and that the inquiry should be completed next year. “There are very few positives to be derived from living through such a tragic pandemic, however what it has served to highlight is the potential for greater organisational change based around a more flexible model of working for staff that takes greater account of work life balance and mental health and well-being whilst also maintaining a strong focus on effective service delivery”.

Is this a model to be copied? Perhaps West Lancashire Borough Council could indicate who among the staff we pay for has done some “agile working”, and which, if any, office buildings it might sell off?

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