Fight Against Greedy Centene

Centene, a profit-greedy US health insurance giant, has been allowed to take over 49 NHS GP practices. This is a scandal but the fightback for our GP surgeries is starting now in parliament.

Apsana Begum, MP for Poplar and Limehouse, has just introduced a motion that your MP can sign to show they want to get Centene out. Can you ask Rosie Cooper to sign on to Apsana’s motion?

“We are aiming to get 100 MPs to sign this motion. That number is perfectly achievable if your MP signs on. So far, 19 MPs have already signed the motion, including Labour, Liberal Democrat, Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Independent MPs”.

“You might say “But my MP is a Conservative and they won’t sign.” We are already seeing support from Conservative councillors in London for this campaign, so if you have a Conservative MP, please email them.

“They also need to be made aware that people in your local area won’t stand for this. You might also say, “I have a Labour or LibDem or SNP or Pliad Cymru or Green or DUP MP and they might support this, but our local area isn’t affected.”

“The truth is, Centenes are growing right across the country. They are applying to run GP practices everywhere, and your local area may be affected tomorrow. Please help by emailing Rosie Cooper MP today”.

I just did.

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