County Suffering From News Diarrhea?

The LCC occasionally finds it useful to send out news releases to local publications like WLR when it suits them. But recently they have become prolific. Why is this?

On one day alone we had “Big boost for buses”, “New boosts for Lancashire’s economic recovery”, “New grants for jobs and rural businesses”, and “Major development schemes”.

But then came a county gem. Below.

Dear FlAGs and friends,

 “You and your contacts may appreciate this early warning of the potential for poor weather conditions over the weekend. I’ll forward to you any further detail that we receive tomorrow during working hours, and I encourage you to continue checking your own sources of local weather advice.

 Yours sincerely, Rachel, Principal Flood Risk Officer”

That warning was copied from the Met Office Advisor (Civil Contingencies), which begs the question “How good of Rachel to let us know this, but IF we and our friends had good drains we wouldn’t need a warning, would we?

There then came this response “The only useful thing the LLFA do is resend us weather information from the met office. A lot of taxpayers’ money could be saved if they sacked her and her esteemed team and got the met office to contact us directly”. And who could disagree with that?

To answer our own question, it’s all political. There are elections in May. Good news equals votes. But who for?

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