Developers’ Delight? A Comment

“How on earth can a new-build family dwelling have rear gardens with a depth of 5 metres? That’s the same distance from your settee to your TV!

Just pause and think about that for a moment, you pull the curtains back in the morning in your new home and stare at very close range at your rear fence. Is that quality of amenity or is it more akin to a sense of imprisonment?

“Questions must be asked on why this vital detail of information was only released just prior to determination to the planning committee members, quietly slotted in as “Late Information”.

“Within the submitted application comments, the only mention of the depth was that the gardens would be under the required 10 metres yet it was only a few hours before the meeting that would anyone find out that the gardens would be HALF the size!

“WLBC planning department deems this as “acceptable” for sustainable living is a bloody joke! This type of local policy definition “stretching” is endemic of their pro developer-anti resident approach to the planning application process.

“Unfortunately Conservative councillors on the planning committee seem to be in no mood to challenge or even question the abuses of local planning polices however they will be reminded throughout the local election campaigns.

“There are serious concerns on why the portfolio holder for Planning isn’t getting a grip of the planning department! If he continues to allow this department to run riot, what sort of Local Plan review will we end up with other than a developer friendly sham?”.

Serco Leisure Operating Ltd as WLBC Leisure services contract holder developed its exceptional landfill royalty based relationship with Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd after acquiring the Beacon Park Golf Course management from DCT Leisure Ltd in a deal agreed with WLBC. Developers and councils scratching each others backs? What’s changed?

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