Fighting For Agriculture On Farmland In Aughton

Cash or crops, development or agriculture, CIL greed or honesty to residents?

From the CPRE “A dynamic, innovative farming sector, attractive to new entrants, and contributing to thriving rural communities can be achieved by reversing the dramatic loss of farms, mainly smaller farms, over recent decades”.

From WLBC “The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is a project plan for the preparation of the Local Plan for West Lancashire and any associated Supplementary Planning Documents or Neighbourhood Plans. The production of an LDS is a requirement on Local Planning Authorities arising from the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, as amended by Section 111 of the Localism Act 2011. Furthermore, the Council’s adherence to the timescale it sets itself within the LDS will be used as a performance measure.

“CIL is not technically local planning policy, or a matter that is required to be reported on in the LDS, but it is inextricably linked to local planning, being a levy that is placed on new development at the time permission is granted. As a new Local Plan is prepared, it is inevitable that a new CIL Charging Schedule will need to be prepared in order to ensure that CIL is charged at the correct level based on viability evidence that incorporates the new local planning policy context. The Council will therefore determine in due course the most appropriate time to review the CIL Charging Schedule, and will plan for it in a future iteration of this LDS”.

But developers know the attitude of the WLBC planning mind, to build, build, build. Hence the proposals from Barratt David Wilson with their professional website. Build all over an agricultural site in Aughton. Never mind the highest agricultural class of land, just build on it, for the CIL. And developer profits.

From WLBC to Rosie Cooper MP

Read those words “Best and Most Versatile Agricultural Land” and wonder how and why the issue of pre-determination is raised. What’s wrong with anyone stating “This land is best and most versatile agricultural land” now bugger off?

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