Elect Independent James Upjohn In Ashurst

If you don’t care for political party hacks, and why should you, then elect someone who has personal convictions and no alliances. Here in West Lancashire the moral bankruptcy of the WLBC was displayed by the appalling waste of a barristers’ fee to keep in post an Ashurst councillor who hadn’t attended council from October 2019 to April 2020.

So why elect James Upjohn?

Because he already works tirelessly for his community, and he writes “If elected, these are 4 things I’d like to get onto the agenda in a timely manner. This isn’t an exhaustive list but rather things that residents and I care about a great deal. I will be putting forward motions for each to hopefully get them onto the agenda at full council meetings at the earliest convenience. We need to be having these sensible discussions as quickly as possible”.


“Our councillors should relook at the existing CCTV usage and policies within West Lancashire. CCTV should be used to capture and fine repeat offenders of littering & fly-tipping. Covert and mobile cameras should be installed in our fly-tipping hotspots. They could also be used to deter off road vehicles from causing significant nuisance in our Borough”.

2) Bulky Waste Collection

“Our existing bulky waste collection service makes no provisions for those that are too old, have poor mobility or generally are not capable of moving bulky waste to a safe collection point. Policies should be looked at to find sensible solutions to this problem so that it discourages people from using unlicensed waste carriers when they have no other option”.

3) Events

“West Lancashire Borough Council doesn’t have an events committee to discuss events across the Borough. A lack of funding is cited as the reason but there are plenty of external agencies that would be happy to help fund events in our towns. Active Lancashire is just one example of an organisation that has funding for Skelmersdale but no outlet to spend it properly”.

4) Litter/Dog Fouling/Fly-tipping

“As mentioned above with CCTV we need to be doing more to stop this anti-social behaviour that costs the Borough millions. We should be looking into sensible solutions like a full review of the litter hotspots and adding signs, bins & CCTV to catch those that keep offending. Council money should be spent on improvements, not the continual clean-up of those that continually dump in our town and Borough. We should also be in schools from Nursery right through to school leaving age with updated messages of anti-littering and the damage of fly-tipping to our environment. A generational change is needed in the Borough. We should be doing all we can to nurture our young people to grow up loving our environment”.

Believe it or not, but WLBC has a CCTV policy and publishes annual reports. But the last report was 2018/19 [Source WLBC website]. And it has the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice to be independently audited providing credibility and transparency to claims of compliance. So when will any WLBC officer wake up to the omission of the 2019/20 annual report?

Elect Independent James Upjohn, simple!

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