Rosie Cooper Raises The Issue Of Transparency

In respect of the Levelling Up Fund, which put WLBC in the middle group, Rosie Cooper MP said “It is an absolute disgrace that the Government have once again chosen to selfishly prioritise their own, often significantly better off areas, above places that truly require investment.

“West Lancashire struggles with endemic flooding issues, significantly underfunded public transport and the largest town has a non-existent night-time economy, yet the Government consider this a low priority area!

“I have asked the Government to publish their criteria for this decision, as the correct level of transparency will certainly expose the preferential treatment being given to certain areas”.

Is it just selective transparency, Government transparency, or does it apply to WLBC and LCC transparency? Until these local authorities can prove their own correct level of transparency on endemic flooding, planning and development, and out-sourced leisure services, Rosie’s case is very unsound? People who live in glass houses?  

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