Crapita Supports Home-working

One of two most disliked UK outsourcing companies, Capita, aka Crapita, has announced that the group’s call centre staff no longer need to be based in a single location and revealed the business is shifting to a ‘hybrid’ work model. Capita declares “We’re the customer experience experts” much to the surprise of many!

The company, which is responsible for running the London congestion charging zone, recruiting British Army personnel and collecting the television license fee, is trimming the number of core divisions it has from six to three.

It also plans to raise £700million by selling a number of non-core assets in a bid to boost its balance sheet. 

Shares in the company have lost 94 per cent of their value compared to 2015, but jumped 5 per cent or 2.31p to 48.49p this morning. In the year to 31 December, Capita’s adjusted pre-tax profit fell to £65.2million, against £197.7million back in 2019. Adjusted revenue slipped 9 per cent to £3.18billion last year. 

For its record of hounding pensioners for the hated BBC TV licence fees, we can only wish it more years of unsuccessful trading and a slide into oblivion.

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