The “Learning from Mistakes League”

Have you heard about the “Learning From Mistakes League”?

In 2016, NHS Improvement published a league table of the 230 NHS trusts according to their openness and transparency.

The ‘Learning from Mistakes League’ table classified trusts into four categories: Outstanding levels of openness and transparency – 18; Good levels of openness and transparency – 102; Significant concerns about openness and transparency – 78; Poor reporting culture -32.

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust was placed first and East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust was at the bottom. And sadly at 191 came the Southport And Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust with “Significant concerns”.

Claire Murdoch, chief executive of Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, placed 125th, complained that the league had a “significant methodological flaw in terms of fairness” because it implied that there were significant differences between ranks 120 and 121, and because, she complained, the assessments were not carried out consistently and the large amount of information trusts reported monthly to the Care Quality Commission were not taken into account”.

Locally, 6th Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust; 11th Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; 23rd Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust; 191 Southport And Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust “Significant concerns”.

This league system might be useful for local government purposes. The LCC flood management system leaves much to be desired and would qualify for “poor reporting culture”. The WLBC planning system is a disaster when applied to local plans and the ruinous golf leisure facility, poor reporting culture for the destination of the landfill royalties. Just two examples. There must be many more?

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