Is Moralitis A Cultural Virus?

“For too long tradition and common sense have been marginalised by an illiberal elite, whose supposedly progressive ideology has degenerated into a collective mental malady.

“This treatise describes the virulent spread of ‘woke’ group-think as moralities, a cultural virus. Robert Oulds and Niall McCrae show how and why we must protect society from the social justice agitators of subversive identity politics, and reverse their long march through the institutions.

“Treatment and prevention of this disease is crucial to reviving the Enlightenment values of liberty, reason and truth. Consider this book as an antidote.

“A fascinating analysis of the Woke culture that’s sweeping through our institutions. Is it a rebirth of Marxist ideology? A new religious cult? Or a mass psychosis? Anyone who is worried about its impact on our culture, particularly its implications for free speech, should read this book.” You can buy the book at Amazon.

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