From Rosie Cooper On Flooding

Town Green Primary PMQ 

“At Prime Minister’s Questions on February 24, I continued to press the Prime Minister to take action on flooding in West Lancashire. For many years now, Town Green Primary School has faced reoccurring flooding problems with very little movement from the council. I asked the Prime Minister to work with Lancashire County Council and the headmaster of Town Green Primary to resolve this so that no child’s education is impacted by flooding. The kids at Town Green have already faced too much disruption to their education this year, they desperately need the consistency of knowing they won’t have to leave school any time it rains heavily! 

Flooding study at Crabtree Lane  

Network Rail have agreed a £50,000, six-month study that will map water pressures in the Crabtree Lane area of Burscough. Residents in the area will be relieved to hear that these flooding issues are finally being investigated after so many years. Whilst this is a welcome step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go. Once the report is finalised, Lancashire County Council must seriously consider the findings to implement a real and proper solution which will protect both resident’s homes and the railway”.   

But they won’t! The LCC flooding department is useless, not fit for purpose! The evidence is before you!

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