The Independents Who Aim To Hold The Balance Of Power?

The last of our OWL policies brings us to roads and leisure. They will hope to enjoy the balance of power from May.


West Lancashire has consistently had the worst-maintained roads in Lancashire. A new policy to tackle potholes.

Increase enforcement activity for on-street parking on yellow lines – this will be self-financing.

A halt to County Council’s plan to permanently reduce Derby Street bridge to one-lane as part of the repairs project.  A full trial of a temporary lane reduction is required as there are concerns it will cause significant traffic jams.

Action on Speeding—Provide funds to fund 30 solar powered speed indicator devices (SPIDs) in the worst speeding areas of West Lancashire.  Solar powered devices are used successfully elsewhere, because they are far more efficient and cost effective than battery operated devices

Leisure and Wellbeing

Use £200,000 from the proceeds of housebuilding in Ormskirk for further improvements at Coronation Park.

Make sure the current projects at Tawd Valley Park and the new town centre park in Skelmersdale are seen through to completion

New Swimming Pools for Ormskirk and Skelmersdale by 2025. Our West Lancashire halted Labour’s plans to close Park Pool in Ormskirk. Now we would set aside £6 million, £3 million for Ormskirk and £3 million for Skelmersdale, to ensure the developing business plans for 21st century swim facilities in both towns come to fruition.

Sadly, no mention of the shambles that still exists at the Beacon Park Golf Course. It’s as though it is invisible. Yet it IS a leisure facility, owned by council tax payers. And it is in such a state that it brought discrimination against elderly golfers, jointly by WLBC and Serco. But not now worthy of a policy statement!

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