More OWL Policies For 2021 Onwards

Today we bring you more OWL policies for May voters to consider

 “Litter, Flytipping, and the Environment

“Action on litter –Money for 65 new litter bins; Educational materials and; An additional part time education and enforcement officer to take the anti-litter and recycling message to schools and fast food outlets while also bolstering the small enforcement team

“Action on flytipping –Mobile CCTV to be purchased and deployed at fly tip hotspots across the Borough; Bulky household waste service to be expanded to 5 days per week; Recycling Centres to be opened 7 days a week and allow again disposal of inert waste.

“Environment-Fund 4 Community Orchards around the Borough and continued support for the expanded ‘free’ tree scheme. Money to return our entrance and feature roundabouts such as those at Ormskirk Fire Station, Pippin Street and Railway Road in Skelmersdale to their former glory”.

Your council serving you better

Cut the cost of councillors; Reduce Borough councillor allowances to the Lancashire average. Reduce Borough councillor numbers by almost 30% from 54 to 39.

Scrap the extra allowances paid to county council “champions” and reduce other responsibility allowances at County Hall.

End meal allowances for county councillors in the county council restaurant and 1st class rail travel for County councillors. Stop paying an allowance to party whips—this is a political position not one that should be funded by taxpayers

Opening the doors of power

Introduce a public question time at Full Council meetings and hold two council meetings a year in venues in other communities in West Lancashire. No secret caucus meetings before planning committees as Labour and Conservative hold.

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