Afternoon Tea From The West Lancashire Pensioners Forum

What better day could there be for mums and grand-mums to be given an afternoon tea, delivered to their homes because of coronavirus, than Mothers Day? And not to be sexist, dads and grand-dads too!

As our Forum hasn’t met since this awful virus took control of our lives, the WLPF committee, Margaret Bolton, Veronica Prescott, Reg Prescott, Shirley Hughes and Thelma Culshaw, took a decision to reach out to us all.

The Forum, which was originally founded by Mr Charlie Denton, received generous cash gifts, £250 from the Age UK Friends & Forums Small Grants Programme Winter 2020/2021, and £500 from County Councillor and Older People’s Champion, Joan Burrows.

With the help of O’Briens in Ormskirk, and members of the Forum, we can enjoy our tea, aided by whatever beverage sustains us. And we can remember mums, everywhere. And what a tea! Calories galore!

A bouquet to the Committee with thanks.

“While we honour all our mothers with words of love and praise.
While we tell about their goodness and their kind and loving ways.
We should also think of Grandma, she’s a mother too, you see…
For she mothered my dear mother as my mother mothers me”.

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