Where Is Your Guile And Metal?

In comments, in response to the OWL article we read “Ha Ha Ha, a £100,000 planning defence fund! Whats the point when you have such a “pro developer” planning department?

“Save 100K for other priorities by employing unbiased planning officers who consider when applications “fail” to meet council policies and criteria are suddenly deemed as “acceptable” and are subsequently granted permission!

“When an application for family dwellings fails in providing the minimum garden size of 8mtrs, it should be rejected however WLBC doesn’t like to upset developers and reverses this into “acceptable” thus making any planning policy a complete farce allowing developers to build whatever they want with complete impunity!

“Perhaps it’s time for the OWL Borough Councillor who is on the planning committee for once to actually up their game and bring up such an issue during next week’s planning meeting or will they continue to stay silent except when they dip their head and say “FOR” at voting time!

“So, over to you OWLs to show your guile and metal as we get enough “BS” and bluster but no action from the other political parties”.

Is this fair comment? It is if we consider the Serco Leisure Operating Ltd planning conviction for the breach of an order at the Beacon Park Golf Course, since regularised, ie normalised, by planning department.

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