OWL Policies For 2021 Onwards

“We are a group of Independents launched in 2015. We have grown steadily since then. We have a string of achievements to our name and we are the Council group setting the ideas agenda in West Lancashire. We are determined to put residents before the party whip. We’ve attracted people new to politics and from all the main political parties. We agree a core of policies below. Beyond that, our councillors and candidates are free and Independent to pursue the ideas and strategies that best represent their area”.

They would “Champion a new improved local plan that recognises West Lancashire’s predominantly rural nature, builds homes only to meet local need, protects the best agricultural land and addresses climate change.

“Create a £100,000 planning refusal legal defence fund that will provide funds so that the council can defend its position when unhappy developers take legal action after the council has refused their planning application.

“Following the successful Firbeck and Beechtrees revivals in Skelmersdale, launch a new revival scheme in Skelmersdale to replace the worst of the new town housing with modern energy-efficient 21st century houses with private driveways and garden space.

“Spend £1 million for additional energy efficiency measures on the Borough’s council houses reducing fuel use and carbon emissions, combating fuel poverty and leaving more money in the pockets of council house tenants.

“Reinstate an annual proactive programme to clean all roadside drainage gullies, reducing localised flooding and damage to road surfaces.

“Wind up the Borough Council’s loss-making Housing Company protecting the public purse and getting more energy-efficient new homes as a result.

“Improve the plan for Ormskirk bus station by including a heated waiting room with real time bus timetabling, usb chargers etc”.

There will be more OWL policies to be published in the near future.

1 thought on “OWL Policies For 2021 Onwards

  1. neil campbell (@limetreevilla)

    Ha Ha Ha, a £100,000 planning defence fund! whats the point when you have such a “pro developer” planning department?
    Save 100K for other priorities by employing unbiased planning officers who consider when applications “fail” to meet council policies and criteria are suddenly deemed as “acceptable” and are sebsequently granted permission!
    When an application for family dwellings fails in providing the minimum garden size of 8mtrs, it should be rejected however WLBC doesn’t like to upset developers and reverse this into “acceptable” thus making any planning policy a complete farce allowing developers to build whatever they want with complete impunity!
    Perhaps its time for the OWL Borough Councillor who is on the planning committee for once to actually up their game and bring up such an issue during next weeks planning meeting or will they continue to stay silent except when they dip their head and say “FOR” at voting time!
    So, over to you OWLs to show your guile and metal as we get enough “BS” and bluster but no action from the other political parties.


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