Not Getting Away With It?

In his own inimitable style our intrepid CCG watcher Barrie “Sherlock” French reveals the results of his latest incursion into CCG costings of local public health services. He copied them to Rosie Cooper and Ian Moran.

 He writes “If you look at the case the CCG asked for costings, you would think they had done their own costings? If you look at the call centre, costing for 3 staff is for £224k for 3 people for 6 months? But they are Virgin Care costings so it will be OK!

“I challenge most of what the CCG do and it is quite disturbing what they think they will get away with, most of it will come out when the auditor has finished the audit.

“On the last year audit, the auditor informed the CCG that one service run by Virgin Care was not VFM and they went on to say there was failure in budget responsibility and a weakness in planning and gave the service a red flag. [When you give a private provider work, it has to show it is VFM. If not why give them work?]. This year the same service is in a worse state, and I can’t wait for the auditor audit.

“Have you noticed that all the new care given to Virgin Care has been done under C-19 virus yet when you ask a question on FOI you can wait up to 100 days on it, should be 20 working days!

“And have you noticed all this has been done under the new part time accountability officer who has a 12 month contract from 1st January 2020 but is still there? I have asked about this but they are too busy to reply.

“I ask most of all my questions on FOI but the CCG don’t reply correctly and the ICO have noticed this, so I ask for a internal review and that’s when the ICO can get involved.

“I have had a letter from the CCG chair who has informed me that if I carry on asking repeated questions they may have to take legal action against me but the repeated questions are because they don’t answer the FOI in the correct manner which has been noted by the ICO.

“To me the NHS is the greatest thing our people can receive, where our health care is free at the point of entry. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor it is well worth fighting for so I will. It’s the kind of society I like to live in”.

We can only hope Sherlock is right. But there are people, politicians, who take the cherries off the NHS cake and hand them around to cronies and party donors. We’ve all read the stories. Outsourcing to the Virgins, Serco, Capita, and the rest of them taking public money, some even criminally like Serco, needed by the NHS.

 Keep up the good work Sherlock, but be mindful and careful of the threats. They have far more money than you, public money, to use against you.

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