Lancashire Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

LCC External Scrutiny Review Of The Emerging Lancashire Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Dear FlAGs and friends,

The county council’s External Scrutiny Committee has asked for advice about the consultation process supporting development of the new Lancashire Local Flood Risk Management Strategy, at its next meeting which will be held on Tuesday next week. My colleague Laura Makeating and I have submitted information to be considered at the Committee’s next meeting, to be held on Tuesday 16 March at 10.00 am along with further update on progress in delivering the various recommendations that the Committee has made in regard to improving the council’s flood risk management and preparedness services.

You will find details of the reports and the meeting from this link to our website:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is flooding2021-2027.jpg

You would be very welcome to attend the meeting to observe, and a recording of the meeting will be available to view on the website afterwards.

If you would like to ask any questions about the matters to be discussed, you are always welcome to contact me directly, or as previously to send your questions to the Democratic Services Officer supporting the committee: Gary Halsall, by email to

With best wishes, Rachel Rachel Crompton. Principal Flood Risk Officer


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