Comment/Reply To West Lancashire Record Article

“The bulk of NHS staff are in pay band 3 £19,737 to £21,142 P/A (nurse assistants, therapies, med support, admin, etc) which equates to a maximum of £10.81 per hour before 20% tax, 12.7% NI’s and 9.1% pension contribution.

“Porters and domestics (the backbone of any hospital) were in band 1 but recently had to be placed into band 2 as their wages were BELOW the Govt minimum wage.


“A 1% pay rise for band 3 staff is around £2.90 per week but after deductions works out around £1.83 p/wk!

“The disparency in pay compared to other work sectors is enormous. Staff retention is a serious concern in the NHS with experienced dedicated staff leaving as the wage structure fails to match the hard work and the unsocial working hours”.

Tier Pensionable Pay (whole-time equivalent)Contribution Rate from
2015/16 to 2021/22
1 Up to £15,431.99 5.0 per cent
2 £15,432.00 to £21,477.995.6 per cent
  £21,478.00 to £26,823.997.1 per cent
4 £26,824.00 to £47,845.999.3 per cent
5 £47,846.00 to £70,630.9912.5 per cent
 £70,631.00 to £111,376.9913.5 per cent
 £111,377.00 and over14.5 per cent

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