Rosie Cooper MP Raises Concerns At Proposed Parrs Lane Housing

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has raised concerns about the proposals from David Wilson Homes to build hundreds of houses on land to the south of Parrs Lane.   

DWH have launched a website with plans to deliver a new housing community on this land stretching as far as Moor Hall.  Rosie has asked West Lancashire Borough Council what discussions have taken place and whether an application has been submitted.

She said “For residents of Aughton this will feel all too familiar, with big housing developers keen to swoop in and build large scale housing developments with executive homes on valuable and vital, high-grade, agricultural land in the greenbelt. 

“On multiple occasions Aughton Residents Group have had to mobilise and inform the local community of developers’ plans for the area, and they are ready to fight again.  I have written to West Lancashire Borough Council asking for more details and their understanding of what stage the plans are at.   

“Should the development proceed to a full planning application, I will be supporting local residents in opposition and calling for the council to adhere to their Local Plan, which clearly gives no indication that this land should be used for housing.  The council have already had to take legal action to defend its local plan and I would hope they do all they can to resist these predatory applications”. 

Down memory lane, who can forget the appalling slur by that Aughton councillor in 2013, that residents told lies door to door? Danielle Thompson told the story brilliantly. Will history repeat itself?

2 thoughts on “Rosie Cooper MP Raises Concerns At Proposed Parrs Lane Housing

  1. Adrian Owens

    This would be the MP who sat on the fence for ages when her party’s councillors launched plans to build 16000 houses, most of them on the green belt. Absolutely transparent with 8 weeks or so to elections.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      That’s an interesting point. Upcoming elections do concentrate the minds of political parties. So we will have circa 8 weeks now of policies hoping to persuade us of good intentions. The problem is, in general, bad practice follows good intentions?


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