Repeat Prescription Ordering Back In GP’s Hands

Says Rosie Cooper MP

Following the decision by West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group to transfer responsibility of the Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) service back to GPs, Rosie Cooper MP

“Residents will be pleased to hear that the CCG has finally returned repeat prescription ordering back into the hands of the GP Practices.  

“Ever since it was introduced in 2017, I have received a consistent stream of serious complaints about the POD. Difficulty getting through to the call centre, lost prescriptions and even clinical decisions made by the unseen administration unit left patients very frustrated.  

“A disconnected and faceless administration unit is no place to be dealing with people’s medical prescriptions. I am grateful that the CCG have put patients first and are ending this cost cutting endeavour”.

Some residents have faced none of the above “serious complaints”, just complete efficiency and friendly service, as I have. Is it really the case that those POD staff have caused such frustration? Shouldn’t these management shortcomings have been easily overcome? Will POD staff lose their jobs?

You said: We were aware from the patient experience we gathered that some patients may struggle to use the new repeat prescription ordering system.

We did: We monitored all patients with a repeat prescription, identifying when they are due to order their repeat prescription and if any resident, after a week overdue, has not ordered their medication, the CCG rang them personally to check that they are ok and not having issues. If issues were identified then these were managed immediately.


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