WLBC Member Training

Elected members of WLBC attend training courses. We recently highlighted the costs to taxpayers. Today we bring you the latest summary of member training events attended.

Highlights include one elected member attending a “Preventing Suicide at WLBC” at a cost of £389. We hope to learn in time a) why, in such a happy environment, are people suicidal, and b) what the success rate has been.

Another fascinating event was “Chairing skills: Virtual Meetings” at a cost of £198. This occurred in November 2020 when virtual meeting were normal. What took so long?

And the star event, in January 2021, “Leisure Workshop” provided by…West Lancashire Borough Council FREE to 6 top brass elected members. We can only imagine how bizarre this event was. The agenda must surely have included “How to manage a council owned golf course to ruination”, and “How to manage the distribution of golf course landfill royalties trying not to leave any trace of them”, not to mention “How to help Serco Leisure Operating Limited avoid the consequences of the humiliating Breach of Condition Enforcement Notice by “Regularisation” conditions that have not themselves been complied with”.

Don’t they have fun, at our expense, down at the Derby Street Towers!

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