BBC Sends 30 Staff On A Course On How To Drink Water

Thirty BBC staff attended an online guide to drinking water funded by taxpayers. Critics criticised the hour-long webinar, titled Hydration, as “pointless and patronising”.

The event was among several courses aimed at supporting workers’ mental and physical health. A description of the event emailed to staff said “Attending this webinar will help you identify the importance of being fully hydrated and find practical ways to achieve this state every day. It will help you understand how being fully hydrated will improve health, wellbeing and performance”.

A Freedom of Information request revealed 30 staff took part but the BBC refused to disclose the cost of the course. A critic who worked for the BBC for 25 years said “It’s absolute madness, utterly pointless and incredibly patronising”.

John O’Connell, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said “The BBC has been caught pouring taxpayers’ money down the drain yet again. Despite another licence fee hike hitting households in April, the Beeb is showing no sign of keeping a lid on wasteful spending. They should do us all a favour by axing the hated TV tax once and for all”.

The tax won’t end because lousy politicians don’t have the balls to do it. Boris Johnson threatened to take the BBC’s licence fee away as he called into question its status as a publicly funded broadcaster. He suggested the licence fee, which is guaranteed to continue until at least 2027, was a general tax that could no longer be justified when other media organisations had found other ways of funding themselves.

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