All Primary Care In West Lancashire Is In The Hands Of Virgin Care

a private provider. And all this happened on the Labour Party watch, writes Barrie French, a West Lancashire resident who submits news to us about the local CCG.

“I enclose copies of payments to Virgin Care in December 2020 and January 2021 the 9 payments are in January 2021 as they are the first since the CCG gave all the primary care to Virgin Care. The payments are all in coded invoices which the public have not the information to access.

“It’s on the CCG website called “How we spend your money”, I have asked if they can show what is being paid for each service but informed that the payments covers the whole contract rather than separating out individual services or in other words it’s too time consuming and you will know too much.

“So as West Lancashire has a Labour MP and a council run by the Labour Party, can you provide me with the correspondence you must have sent on your concerns on this, as there was no tendering and the people of West Lancashire were not asked for their views”.

Virgin Care is detested, as is Centene, for the money lost in profits out of the NHS. These companies use NHS money to make money. Maybe the local politicians will tell us how it is tolerated?

In fact Rosie Cooper has taken the local CCG to task as below when she raised the “Virgin Care operated Skelmersdale Walk-in Centre was rated as ‘Requires Improvement’ following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)”.

Rosie Cooper MP calls on West Lancashire CCG to urgently improve standards – Rosie Cooper MP

Health and Social Care – Rosie Cooper MP

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