A French Tirade Against Johnson And Britain

A former French Ambassador, Sylvie Berman, says in a new book that Boris Johnson is “an unrepentant and inveterate liar” who feels he is not subject to the same rules as others.

She also claims some Brexiters are consumed with hatred for Germany [True] and gripped by a myth that they liberated Europe on their own [Wrong], describing Brexit as a triumph of emotion over reason [Wrong], won by a campaign full of lies [Wrong] in which negative attitudes to migration were exploited by figures such as Johnson and Michael Gove.

Bermann, who served as the French Ambassador to the UK from 2014 to 2017, has assessed the British handling of the Covid pandemic as among the worst in the world alongside that of Donald Trump (!) and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. She predicts Johnson will seek to use Covid to mask the true economic cost of Brexit.

Johnson, she says, comes from an Eton and Oxford University class that believes they are entitled to use language to provoke. Describing him as intelligent and charming, she says he uses “lies to embellish reality, as a game and as instrument of power. The ends justify the means. He has no rules”. [True]

She admits “she did not believe the Brexit referendum would be lost by David Cameron’s government, pointing out that both sides of the debate had told her the same. In retrospect, she viewed the defeat as the first crisis of electoral democracy, and the harbinger of the populism that has been followed through in the US and Europe”.

“The corollary of an England saving Europe” she adds “is a detestation of Germany and contempt for cowardice. The term is often used for those who allowed themselves to be occupied, not to mention collaborated”. [France]

She doesn’t mention the 1,000 financial firms in the European Union that are planning to open up offices in the UK, and London has been declared as the top city in the world for investment opportunities.

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