Working In The West Lancashire Wonderland

“WLBC is looking for an experienced Human Resource Business Partner to build critical relationships with the nominated management team and assist the Director and Heads of Service to implement people management and change processes.  You’ll work collaboratively, providing expert advice and coaching on a variety of complex casework and employment relations issues.

“The salary will be£27,741 to £29,577 per annum

“Behavioural Standards demonstrate the attitudes and approach we take to work. They say how we do things, how we treat others, what we say and how we say it and how we expect to be treated. The Behavioural Standards will help us to celebrate our achievements, talk about our aspirations and express how we would like to develop.

“All employees of the Council are expected to display the Employee Core Expected Behavioural Standards whilst they are undertaking their duties. Employees who are appointed as supervisors and managers are expected to display certain Manager Expected Behavioural Standards as well as the Employee Core Expected Behavioural Standards.

“Putting Customers first. Who are Our Customers? Understanding customers and putting customers at the heart of everything we do. In the context of the Council a customer is a person with whom an employee has dealings with in carrying out their duties. This can mean citizens, colleagues, Councillors, external agencies. It is not confined to the traditional view of an external customer being seen as a client”.


You can read the full bullshittery above, and then apply!

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